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While there are many factors will which ultimately decide what you’ll pay for car insurance, there are definitely ways to ensure that you get the cheapest deal possible. Each state differs in what car insurance companies charge, based on those regions. Driving record and age also play a key factor. In general, however, there are some general guidelines to follow.

For instance, Geico claims to have cheaper car insurance because they have online or over-the-phone agents. This does not always result in cheaper car insurance from cutting out the agent however. With no or minimal bad driving records, State Farm is actually much cheaper than Geico, Allstate or Progressive; Allstate, however, offers arguably better bundling coverage.

Geico and Progressive are nearly equal in terms of how they operate and the number of customers they retain over the years. Neither one is typically more than the other, on a regular basis. To determine which is truly cheaper for you, the consumer, you should get free quotes from each company.

Nationwide is typically cheaper than Farmers for just automobile insurance, however with a bundling package, Farmers is almost always the cheaper of the two. State Farm covers more than Nationwide, but almost always more expensive than either Nationwide or Farmers. Farmers has one of the lowest customer retention rates of all the companies, which likely speaks to their customer service.

To see which insurance company truly is the cheapest you should get a quote, by entering all of your information identically into each one and deciding from there. Remember that you’re not only looking for the cheapest car insurance, but the most protecting as well.

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